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One of the Techniques utilized by Dr. Kolleen Gregory and Dr. Richard Kachanon for Pregnancy care is Logan Basic.  This technique is best described and detailed by one of the top pediatric specialist, Dr. Claudia Anrig, in her article below (excerpt).

The developer of this technique was Hugh. B. Logan, DC, who first presented his new technique, called Universal Health – Basic Technique,

in 1931. Within a few years, it was called simply, Logan Basic Technique (basic because it deals with the sacrum, or base, of the spine). Dr. Logan liked the structural approach to chiropractic and reasoned that since the spine rested on the sacrum, if the sacrum were subluxated or unleveled, it could interfere further with the stabilization of spinal subluxation(s). 

He believed sacral subluxation might be the precursor to developing other spinal subluxation. LBT looks at analyzing the spine and its biomechanics, both in normalcy as well as in the patho-biomechanics of pelvic and spinal distortions due to sacral subluxations. This technique views that a sacral subluxation will cause not only spinal misalignments, but also abnormal muscle function which supports the spine. The neurological component of these effects can have profound ramifications in the functions of the body. In regards to pregnancy and labor, normal sacral position and pelvic biomechanics are very necessary. During pregnancy, it’s not uncommon for women to manifest increased tightness of their lumbar and gluteal muscles, including hip pain. LPT has several procedures that can be used during the entire pregnancy to reduce pregnancy-related symptoms and provide optimal pelvic function... 

1. Hutti L, Montgomery P (Editors). Textbook of Logan Basic Methods and Logan Basic Technique, 4th
edition. Published in 2006.
This article has been provided as a courtesy by www.drclaudiaanrig.com

THIS ---->https://focuschiropractic.net/pregnancy---children/logan-basic-technique-for-pregnancy-care.html

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"I can't describe what Focus has done for me. I was in so much pain, especially the way my baby was positioned. After our visit, I went to the OB and he did an ultra sound. My baby literally turned right after I saw you and is now head down. We are both much happier and more comfortable. Not only that, but my fluids were low but after being adjusted they increased. Now his kicks don't hurt as much and he is even moving and kicking more now that the adjustment made room for him. After experiencing an adjustment, my muscles are more relaxed. You guys are amazing and I feel so grateful that you helped me and I look forward to my next visit. I have been to many chiropractors and no one has helped me like Focus Chiropractic. They really know what they are doing and I felt so comfortable there."

-Michelle C.